Brisbane Nutritionists

We offer a variety of different nutritionists services including;

Individual Consultations

Nutritionists can help with weigh loss, diabetes, cholesterol lowering, eating disorders, adolescent nutrition, coeliac disease, IBS and allergies and intolerences. Find out more

Corporate Seminars

Our nutritionists lead Corporate Seminars can include balancing the plate, eating habits, eating out and entertaining, cooking demonstrations and more. Find out more

Menu Analysis

Our dietitians work with hospitality and catering companies to develop healthy menus, analyse menu items and help educate consumers on nutrition information. Find out more

Nourish Workshop

Our nutritionists will take you on a supermarket tour, bust diet myths, promote evidence based eating habits and take you through a cooking demonstration. Find out more

Online Meal Planning

Our nutritionists work with individuals all over the country to develop and stick to healthy meal plans via Skype, phone call or email consultation. Find out more

Diabetes Groups

Join our dietitians on a 4 week education program designed to give you all the tools and knowledge to successfully manage your diabetes. Medicare rebates may apply. Find out more

School Seminars

Our nutritionists lead School Seminars can include education on dieting, sports nutrition, education for parents, guardians and teachers. Find out more

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