Want to follow a Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean Eating – Cook Eat Live.


Lisa and Desi have released their much anticipated lifestyle book ‘Mediterranean Eating – Cook Eat Live!

Under the name of Two Greek Girls Cooking, they have launched the book along with cooking demonstrations, workshops and seminars all based around principles from the highly researched Mediterranean diet.

Order your hard copy online with delivery, purchase and e-book version or make a call to 3118 5643 to pay and organise a pick up location.


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Praise for Mediterranean Eating

We know that the Mediterranean diet is good for you – good for cardiovascular tness, helps

lower cholesterol and promotes overall good health and longevity.

Desi and Lisa have captured the science behind this way of eating and have shown us how to apply it. They have shown us how to incorporate the basics of healthy eating in a way that we can follow.

My yiayia was as strong as a lion and always looked ten years younger than her age – there were always melitzanes and artichokes on the stove; sardines in olive oil for lunch. Good health is about the choices that we make – the Mediterranean diet makes those choices naturally.

This book should always have been written, a lot of people are going to bene t. As Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Dr Tina Bazianas, Emergency Physician, Greek Australian, Mum of Two


As our resident dietitians on 97.3FM, Desi and Lisa are two of the most pro cient dietitians I’ve ever met and trust them to ensure the health of myself and my three boys.

Mediterranean Eating is not only a cookbook that is bursting with wonderfully tasty and healthy Mediterranean food, but also research that shows me these meals are great for my overall wellbeing. The recipes are easy to follow, diverse and make busy working mums like me, look like I’ve been cooking them for years!

Try it and see what I mean.

Robin Bailey, Radio Presenter 97.3FM

Mediterranean Eating – Cook. Eat. Live. – The title alone resonated with me the rst time I heard it.

Being raised on a Mediterranean lifestyle, in uenced one of my biggest passions – cooking. It brings me no greater joy than to prepare, cook and share Mediterranean inspired
dishes with my family and friends; a tradition and mentality entrenched in our culture for generations.

I’m certain that after reading this book and trying these recipes for yourself, you will either be reassured or otherwise convinced that living a Mediterranean Lifestyle in every sense of the word will grant you longevity, happiness and a new zest for life.

Your friends and family will be arguing for leftovers after every meal!

John Lazarou, Mediterranean Foodie, Co-owner of ‘The Coffee Club’