At Tree of Life Nutrition we have a variety of different products available to purchase from our Annerley clinic including Frozen Meals, Muesli and Supplements

Tree of Life Nutritious Meals

Tree of Life Nutritious Meals are take-home, convenient, healthy gourmet meals. unlike anything on the market, and will change your perception of frozen meals. Not only do they taste good, but are good for you! Our meals are snap frozen and packaged air tight, retaining freshness of flavours.

For a full range of our healthy Gluten Free, Low Fat, Lower Carb, Low GI take home meals click here MENU.

Tree of Life Muesli

Desi Carlos, Dietitian and founder of Tree of Life Nutrition has developed muesli that tastes great and is good for you. Tree of Life Muesli is a smart and healthy breakfast option that will keep you satisfied for longer. For the perfect breakfast choice add low fat Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. 

lower GI, high fibre, reduced fat and saturated fat, reduced sugar high in omega 3 & omega 6 high in antioxidants, oats lower cholesterol, very high in wholegrains, low sodium, no artificial preservatives or additives

Discover our Tree of Life’s lower GI muesli. It is packed with nutritional value that will keep you feeling fuller longer. Click here for MUESLI LABEL

To Order

Please call 3891 6199 or email for more information regarding our healthy take home meals and low GI muesli.

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