K is for Kickstarting your spring regime

By September 9, 2016 Nutrition Tips

Can anyone believe its already September, this year is just flying by! And since Spring has now arrived on our doorstep what better time to start changing your routine up to get you ready for the warmer months.

  1. The weather is warmer so it’s easier to get out of bed early and go for that morning jog or walk, head to the gym for your body pump class or hit up the yoga studio. Whatever exercise it is that you enjoy, make sure you incorporate it into your routine on a daily basis.
  1. With the chilly nights behind us we don’t tend to crave those warm comfort meals as much. Start making more salads with lean protein for dinner, and they don’t have to be boring, add in roast vegetables, seeds, nuts, avocado etc
  1. Get outside, enjoy the sunshine, a great source of Vitamin D.
  1. Sunday afternoon BQQ’s are the real winner as the weather warms up, invite your family and friends over, chuck around the footy or play some backyard cricket (being active) and show them your cooking skills with lean BBQ meats, skewers, colourful crunchy salads and fruit salad desserts.
  1. Increase your water intake, which is a lot easier to do in the warmer months. Add some fresh fruit or squeezed lime into your water to add some fresh flavour. You’ll notice a difference in your concentration and productivity and an improvement in your energy levels.

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