8 ways to sneak some veggies onto your child’s plate

Children can be fussy eaters, and veggies arent always their favourite dish. Here are some sneaky ways to get some more veggies into their diet without serving up a whole plate of vegetables.

1. Add grated carrot, zucchini or capsicum to pasta sauces like bolognaise or into soups.

2. Make up a mix of spaghetti pasta & zucchini zoodles. Once mixed in with a sauce, they wont tell the difference between the noodles.

3. If making rissoles or burgers at home, add some grated vegetables or lentils into the mince mix.

4. When making scrambled eggs on the weekend for breakfast, add in some thinly sliced tomato, spinach & mushrooms.

5. Add some spinach to their morning breakfast Smoothie.

6. Grate some carrot into their breakfast porridge oats, with a dash of nutmeg & cinnamon it tastes like carrot cake.

7. When making mashed potato, combine with some mashed parsnip and sweet potato.

8. When making lasagne, replace one of the sheets of pasta with a layer of pumpkin or sweet potato.


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